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Product Overview

Billing Data BI Dashboard

While CSPs offer some visualization and aid in understanding cloud billing, they often are unable to account for every need a customer has and by default do not offer customizable charting. In addition to this, billing files are not extendable to include custom information such as Kubernetes clusters associated with charges or what business group is incurring the charge.

We have created the CloudNatix Billing Data BI Dashboard to automatically collect, extend, and present billing data for customers’ FinOps organizations to be able to understand their billing at a glance. We also implemented support for custom filters across all charts and, best of all, customizability to form whatever dashboard suits your team’s needs. CloudNatix combines CUR files from your AWS system with Kubernetes metrics information gathered directly from clusters (with non-Kubernetes metrics integration under development), to give you all the information you need to get insight at a glance.

In addition to the ability to create dashboards of your own, CloudNatix provides default dashboards, including a system level overview, storage costs, and compute costs that is further divided to visualize at the CloudNatix org level. This granularity helps individual teams dig into how their costs and helps FinOps to locate who they can connect with to drive costs down.


When you need charts more specific to your operation, you can easily create charts within the Billing Data BI Dashboard system. Simply choose to create a new chart, and you can begin putting one together using columns from your AWS CUR file. You can even use custom SQL to gather the information you need. Our system is built on Apache’s open source visualization software “Superset”, which has additional usage documentation online. Another added benefit of our system is that this turns your CSV formatted CUR file that is hard to find information in, to a queryable database with both GUI, and SQL access.


By enabling customers to understand their billing files on their own terms, CloudNatix empowers customers to make informed decisions quickly and easily with data visualization instead of struggling through CSV files to get customized understanding. If you are interested in taking your understanding of your billing to the next level, please contact sales through our website or contact a member of CloudNatix staff at or on Slack.

Installing CloudNatix to Kubernetes Clusters