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Product Overview

What is CloudNatix?

CloudNatix connects to multiple VM & K8s Clusters, enabling automated capacity, cost & operation optimization using patent-pending Autopilot technology. Further, CloudNatix Insights enables DevOps teams to get proactive visibility into potential capacity and availability issues, turbocharging DevOps productivity.

After a five-minute setup, CloudNatix starts analyzing your global infrastructure fleet, across EKS, AKS, GKE, CloudNatix managed Kubernetes, and customer deployed Kubernetes clusters, using our multi-tenant global cluster controller.

Our platform is fully managed, highly available with zero-maintenance and works by connecting to your existing Virtual Machines and Kubernetes clusters.

Key capabilities and benefits of CloudNatix platform include:

Cluster Controller for connecting to any K8s or VM environment

CloudNatix Cluster Controllers supports AWS, Azure, GCP, EKS, AKS, GKE, vSphere as well as any existing K8s clusters

Benefit: Integrate and manage your multi-K8s and multi-Cloud footprint across disparate compute environments in minutes.

CloudNatix Dashboard to observe your Global Cost, Efficiency & Operations


  • View and Govern spend, efficiency & operations across multiple K8s and VM clusters.
  • Unified financial ops, access management and governance using Logical Orgs and Namespaces across multiple clusters.

CloudNatix Insights for understanding optimization opportunities with actionable recommendations

Benefit: ML powered recommendations that automates capacity planning and cost optimization for legacy and Cloud native (K8s) workloads using a variety of techniques such as:

  1. VM Right-Sizing
  2. Automated Continuous K8s Pod Right-Sizing
  3. K8s Cluster Right-Scaling
  4. Automated Spot fleet re-balancing
  5. Automated idle capacity harvesting

CloudNatix Autopilot for continuous, automated capacity & cost optimization


  • Reduce cost and improve MTTR with human-in-the-loop impact analysis of ML Insights.
  • Maximize cost savings and SLO with continuous Autopilot of Virtual Machines, Kubernetes pods and clusters

CloudNatix Operations Manager for increasing DevOps productivity via federation and automation


  • Reduce MTTR while operating across multiple K8s and VM Clusters in a unified way leveraging machine generated insights.
  • Improve DevOps productivity with Unified Access, Security, and Budget Management across multiple clusters with Federated Namespaces.
  • Logical Orgs and Projects that span multiple clusters.
  • Unified access plane that consolidates connectivity, authentication, authorization and audit across a diverse fleet into a single platform. Some of the benefits are easy access to console or logs of any pod across any cluster using a single click - helping you find needles in a haystack of pods.

Please also see the following feature diagram.


Step 5. Review your opportunities to optimize with Insights